Discovery Island has extensive experience in working with groups and incentives in Madeira. We conduct customized and interactive programs tailored to the purpose of each client to provide sharing moments and unforgettable experiences.

We offer a wide range of outdoor or indoor options, cultural and leisure activities.

The business incentive, is an excellent tool to motivate human resources from various departments, distributors, affiliates and resellers to achieve goals and objectives.

This type of event can change behavior and attitudes, awaken and strengthen the sense of cohesion and interaction among participants.

Besides the business incentive, we have also a wide range of activities for groups, which are part of the associations, government institutions, birthday parties, among others …

The activities may be undertaken in various scenarios between the islands of RAM. We adapt all the necessary logistics to the size of the groups in order to keep the spirit of mutual support, cooperation and coexistence.

Team Building and Adventure have a wide range of outdoor activities, which are primarily aimed at improving the effectiveness of groups.

These activities, are carried out in constant contact with nature and can be performed in various parts of Madeira.

Usually those seeking this type of event, want a unique experience that encompasses as many diverse activities in one day.


The Multi-Activities include the addition of extreme sports with other activities, such as: Slide, rapell, Tyrolean traverse, Himalayan bridge, parallel, Archery, Archery Blowpipe, Shot with Beast, Shot with air pressure, Paintball, Mega Fisga, Rides with buggies, BTT circuit, Segways circuit, Guidance proof and team building activities.

In Multi-Activities, the group is divided into teams in which each receive a captioned map with various points of activity.

During the activities, each team will be evaluated and classified in order to make a general classification and awards ceremony.

As a complement, we can combine these activities with Traditional Lunch, Jeep Safari with roadbook, among others …


The Team Building is a very effective mean to optimize teamwork and the development of a high level of motivation in the group, helping them to develop forms of communication, self-confidence, leadership, motivation, conflict management, time management and resources.

Its overall objective: to improve interpersonal skills and problem-solving.

Activities are chosen according to the characteristics of each group and what are its objectives. As a complement, we can combine these activities with Traditional Lunch, Jeep Safari with roadbook, among others…


Canyoning is a Radical activity in the exploration of watercourses, surpassing several vertical obstacles and amphibians.

It is an extremely safe sport due to the use of high-tech equipment.

The excitement and adrenaline are certainly experienced this activity.

The fact that it keeps in touch with nature ensures participants unforgettable moments of harmony, sense of freedom and well-being.

Canyoning Level I is the most sought for incentive groups, it is a canyoning for those who never experienced the activity or for those who have already experienced even looking for fun without worrying about expert maneuvers with ropes.

It is generally practiced in the South of Madeira. Along the way we find several waterfalls up to 20 meters high, also finding some jumps and toboggans.

As a complement, we can combine this activity with Traditional Lunch, Jeep Tour, among others…

Discovery Island also has a series of activities that combine discovery of the attractiveness points, with the surrounding nature and the chance to develop knowledge about the region.


The Jeep Tours in Madeira are a fun and different way to discover the region, mainly because throughout the island, there are hard to reach places that are only reachable by all-terrain vehicles. Therefore, we can develop different activities using these means of transport.

In this type of event the group is divided into teams, each in its jeep.

Each team is delivered one roadbook or a specific map with indications that need to be transmitted to the driver.

The aim is to overcome all obstacles described in the roadbook. Along the route there will be several activities such as: tracks, photos, questions, puzzles, adventure activities, among others…

In the road book, other materials may be provided in order to assist the improved delivery of each team as GPS or compass.

Types of Jeep Safari with roadbook:

Jeep Safari with Multiactivities

Jeep Safari to discover the “Poncha”

Jeep Safari with “Poncha” workshop

Jeep Safari with traditional Madeiran cuisine workshop

Jeep Safari with Treasure Hunt

Jeep Safari Survival


The Peddy-Paper is a guided pedestrian race for teams, consisting of a route to which they are given associated information, questions, tasks, team photos, matching puzzles to various intermediate points and can determine the passage of the team to the next stage of the journey. All this described in a book of instructions (roadbook).

The peddy-paper is a playful activity usually linked to the acquisition of knowledge about a certain topic or location.

Thus it is a fun and dynamic way to meet the various cities of Madeira.

Some examples of Peddy Paper we do:

Discovery of Funchal City (3-4 hours)

Peddy Paper Recreational(2 to 3 hours)

Peddy Paper Medieval (3 to 4 hours)

Strong Conquest (3-4 hours)

Hunting the Lost Treasure (3-4 hours)

MTB Paper (3 to 4 hours )

Peddy Paper Geocaching (3 to 4 hours)




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