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Team Building and Adventure are outdoor activities where the main aim is increasing groups’ performance. These activities are developed in constant contact with nature and can take place in various parts of the island.

Normally those seeking this type of events want a unique experience, incorporating the widest range of possible activities in a single day.

Here is some activities we have to offer for
team building & adventure

in the Mountain

Multiactivities are based on the junction of radical sports with other activities. As examples, we have Zip line, abseiling, tyrolean traverse, Himalaya bridge, parallel cables, shooting with bow and arrow, shooting with blowpipe, shooting with a crossbow, shooting with an air pressure gun, paintball, mega gaff, buggy drives, mountain bike trails, segway routes, orienteering and team building activities.

In Multiactions the group is divided into various teams, with each receiving a map with various checkpoints. During the activities, each team will be evaluated and classified as a means of drawing a winner and delivering a prize.

As a complement, we can associate these activities with a traditional lunch (barbecue), a jeep safari with road book, amongst others.

Jeep tours in Madeira are a fun and different way to get to know the island. Especially because in the whole island there are places that are difficult to reach, where one can go only in an all terrain vehicle. This allows us to design various activities around these vehicles.

In this type of event the group is divided into teams, each in his own jeep. Each team receives a roadbook, or a specific map with directions they have to give the driver.

The end goal is to surpass all obstacles described in the roadbook. Through the route they will have various activities, such as clues, photos, quizzes, puzzles, adventure activities, and others. Besides the roadbook, there are other instruments that can be distributed with the aim of improving the performance of each team, like GPS, compasses, or tablets.

Jeep Safari
with Activities

Team Building

Team Building is a very efficient instrument in terms of team work optimization and in the development of team members’ motivation, helping teams develop forms of communication, confidence, leadership, motivation, conflict management, time management and resources.

It generally aims at improving interpersonal competences and problem solving abilities.

The activities are chosen according to characteristics of each group and the targets to be reached.

Canyoning is a radical sport, consisting of the exploration of water courses, surpassing various vertical or amphibious obstacles.

Level I Canyoning (beginners) is the most sought out for incentives’ groups, as it allows for easy progression, and one can mix fun with group interaction. It is generally practiced on the south side of the island.

Along the route one finds multiple waterfalls, the biggest one 20 metres high, with a number of jumps and toboggans.


Karting Race

Located on the north side of Madeira, the Faial course is set in one of the most beautiful cliffs of the island. The 1040 metres long course allows for good emotions and adrenalin. We organize various competitions and meetings related with karting and other sports. It is an activity usually marked with the good spirits created amongst participants and by healthy competition. To finish all in the best way, there’s a prize awarding and the issuing of participating certificates.

Paintball is an adventure sport that combines fun, strategy, decisiveness, skill and great team spirit. Paintball is presently used as a sort of “group therapy” by the great north American corporations, as it is believed that it strengthens team work.

Players eliminate their opponents using guns (compressed air or CO2) shooting biodegradable paintballs that become visible after impacting. There are various products (smoke grenades, paint grenades, camouflage clothes, etc.), and ample scenarios with specific characteristics that make this an even more enticing and realistic sport.

Through paintball we want to get our clients to know a game in which strategy, fun and teambuilding get together, always in a safe environment.

Paintball Game

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