Jeep tours are a fun and different way to get to know Madeira, especially as in the whole island there are places of difficult access, only reachable in four wheel drive vehicles. We can thus create various activities using these vehicles.

In this type of event the group is divided into teams, each in its own jeep. A roadbook will be given to each team, or a specific map, with instructions which have to be relayed to the driver.

The goal is to surpass all obstacles described. Along the way there will be various activities, like clue finding, photos, quizzes, puzzles, adventure activities, amongst others. Besides the roadbook there may be other equipment delivered, to aid the performance of each team, like GPS, compasses and tablets.

Types of jeep safari with roadbook

  • Jeep safari with multiactivities
  • Jeep safari discovering Poncha / Poncha workshop
  • Jeep safari with traditional Madeira cuisine workshop
  • Jeep safari with treasure hunt
  • Jeep safari survival

Elaborate your own idea, and contact us to get to know Madeira in a fun and different way

  • Where: to be defined
  • Duration: half day or full day
  • To be brought by clients: comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear
  • Included: everything you need for the activity
  • Availability: Everyday
  • Maximum capacity: 300 people


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