Coasteering is a sports activity that allows one to progress along the coast, whether this is a beach or a cliff, making use of swimming, diving, snorkelling, climbing, going through caves or tunnels or jumping into the water.

Madeira has excellent conditions for this sport, because its lava and rocks shores, allied to the Atlantic, allows one to swim in crystal clear warm water that forms a pristine view, with the mountain flowing almost into the sea.

These activities take place in the south east coast of Madeira, specifically in Baia d’Abra (Caniçal), a natural park of breathtaking beauty. The jumps – all optional – are between 1 and 10 metres high. Coasteering can be done by families, groups or individuals of all ages, providing they can swim.

Through the whole route, participants will be led by the guides and instructors of Discovery Island, which will assist everyone in terms of safety techniques and all procedures.

  • Where: Caniçal
  • Number of jumps: 8 (All optional)
  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • Price per person: 60€
  • To be brought by clients: Bathing suit and good mood
  • Included: Everything you need for the activity
  • Availability: Everyday