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Our Level III Canyoning adventure offers a more technical experience, located in the northern part of Madeira Island, specifically between Seixal and Porto Moniz. This canyoning activity features several jumps and stands out due to the secluded beauty of the surrounding landscape, making it one of the most hidden gems on Madeira Island. The approach to the canyoning site takes about 10 minutes, leading you to the river, with the last waterfall situated right next to the sea, offering a spectacular end to the journey.

Starting at an altitude of 250 meters, this 700-meter-long canyoning trail includes 11 captivating waterfalls, 4 optional jumps, and a breathtaking 60-meter abseil – the highlight of the tour.

Located in Ribeira Funda, this tour lasts approximately 4 to 5 hours. Come prepared with a bathing suit and a positive attitude, and we’ll take care of the rest, providing everything you need for this thrilling activity. Available every day, join us for an unforgettable adventure in the beautiful Madeira Island!

Where: Ribeira Funda
Waterfalls: 11
Jumps: 4 (Todos opcionais)
Biggest rappel: 60 metros
Duration: 4 a 5 horas
Bring: Fato de banho e boa disposição
Included: Tudo o que precisa para esta atividade
Available: Todos os dias!

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